If you are in Arusha, be sure to take time out to visit SSLC.  Our staff and students welcome you to come in for morning or afternoon tea with us, to:

  • Meet the students to understand more about their sunny personalities and amazing abilities

  • Learn about the therapy, the work skills training and other activities

  • Watch and participate in the farm and other projects


Your donation and purchase of handicrafts or farm products as souvenirs will support us in our work with special needs children and young adults.


For more information on how/when you can visit us contact Margaret Kenyi: +255 754 090 078/

In February 2019, 18 students from Pepperdine University along with their Lecturer and other volunteers visited Step By Step Learning Centre (SSLC) to help build a perimeter fence around the school. The fence will greatly improve the SSLC students' safety.

Volunteer Short Term

SSLC offers a great opportunity for anyone wishing to get involved with our cause. The need for volunteers to raise money for the school or volunteer short/long term with the children is great. Your time and talent is always appreciated, and the rewards of watching the students grow and improve are endless and truly priceless.

In August 2017, Physiotherapy students from Stony Brook volunteered at SSLC and trained our staff and some parents on physiotherapy techniques. 
Physiotherapy students from Northwestern University volunteered at SSLC and helped with repainting of the school and sharing new physiotherapy techniques for the kids.

Volunteer Long Term 

Soo May is currently a full-time volunteer at SSLC (since May 2018). After her retirement she begun a new chapter by moving to Africa to do charity work. She is very dedicated to creatively fundraising for SSLC and also assists in various other administrative ways. In the short time she has been with us she has made a huge impact in the lives of the children and their families. SSLC would like to express our appreciation for all she has done and is doing for our students.

Jessica Rychen is currently a full-time volunteer at SSLC (since 2019). She is a wonderful Occupational Therapist (OT) and is training teachers in OT while helping the students who need therapy. She also does beading with the adult students and has an absolute passion for helping people. Her love for the children is evident in the way she interacts with them and how comfortable they are with her. SSLC would like to express our appreciation for all she has done and is doing for our students.

Andreas and Berit Svensen were voluntary Managing Directors at SSLC from 2010 - 2016. Their knowledge, expertise and compassion greatly assisted Margaret in realizing her vision for Step By Step Learning Centre. They helped formulate the curriculum, train teachers, and raise funds for the continued construction of the school. SSLC would like to express our appreciation for all they have done for our students.

Learn more about their journey with SSLC on their personal blog: 

Rachel Hills volunteered full-time as a teaching assistant at SSLC from 2016-2017 through MCC. Her love for the children was evident in her work and her knowledge and expertise was invaluable. She also greatly contributed by painting a mural.  SSLC would like to express our appreciation for all she has done for our students.

For more information on how you can take advantage of this exciting opportunity to volunteer short/long term  contact Margaret Kenyi: +255 754 090 078/

NB: If you wish to volunteer at SSLC, we encourage you to read our SSLC child protection policy.

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