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History of the School

SSLC opened its doors for the first time to Ruth Kenyi, its first student, on the 29th September 2005. It was a dream come true for Dr. and Mrs. Kenyi, who had many years of frustration in trying to find a suitable quality education for their Special Needs daughter, Ruth. At 21, Ruth had been through 16 programmes /schools, many of which were frustratingly wanting; while many others rejected her outrightly, or were sympathetic but did not know how to help her. Because of this Mrs. Kenyi was determined to get the knowledge and training on how to enable children with learning difficulties to succeed in a quality special needs programme being provided in an inclusive school environment.  There, the children with learning difficulties, their siblings and parents would always feel welcome. And many parents would not have to go through the winding and painful path that the Kenyi's went through. 

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