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Sponsor a Student

Why Sponsor a Student at SSLC?

SSLC is unique because it offers and maintains a high quality, holistic program for Special Needs students. Because of the focus on quality, the total number of students for 2019 is 25 and the student to teacher ratio is deliberately kept very low. Our approach is child centered and most times one-on-one. Although this makes it an expensive program to run, it has proved very successful in positively changing the lives of the students. Most of the parents are unemployed and/or single. Few can afford to pay for medical care, tuition and transport for their Special Needs (SN) child in addition to other family demands. 


When you decide to sponsor a student(s) with just USD $38/Month you provide:

  • Quality Special-Needs Education

  • Transport to School

  • Medical Check-Ups

  • Nutritious School Lunch

For more information on how you can sponsor any of the students below please contact Margaret Kenyi:

Phone: +255 754 090 078


Student Profiles

Rashid barely survived a difficult birth that left him cerebral palsy. He was carried to SSLC by his grandmother in 2006.

He likes to help with maintenance work, play football and learn to read and write Kiswahili and English. He is also learning weaving, gardening, feeding chicken and goats, housework and other activities of daily living.

​Rashid is now employed in the Adult Program at SSLC.  His dream at the moment is to become a business man and build a big house for his grandmother who has cared for him since birth!


Bryson has severe cerebral palsy and is not able to walk or use his hands. He was brought to school by Help For The Maasai (HFTM) because of his severe physical challenges.

He likes to be involved in everything that is going on at SSLC. He is learning Mathematics, English and Kiswahili. He enjoys Music.

​He will always be dependent on others and will stay at SSLC as long as he still benefits from the program. His dream is to become a Preacher.

Bryson sponsor a student.jpg

Winfrida was brought to SSLC by her mother after trying several other schools in Arusha.

She likes to do practical tasks like washing the floor, helping with kitchen work, playing with and taking care of the younger students.

She is now employed to do practical jobs at SSLC under our newly launched Adult Program.

Her dream at the moment is to become a policewoman!

Winfrida sponsor a student.jpg

Hans has cerebral palsy, unclear speech and poor academic skills. The family's neighbor and mother of one of our students recommended the school to his parents.

He likes school and the different activities like gardening, feeding chickens and goats, singing, dancing and class work.

He is now employed to do practical jobs at SSLC under our newly launched Adult Program.

​His obsession at the moment is martial arts.

Hans sponsor a student.jpg

Justin is a pleasant, very active and cheeky Down’s Syndrome (Trisomy 21) boy. He is the soul of the school!

He is working on reducing hyperactivity, improving his speech and overcoming some behavior challenges.

He enjoys school, riding the tricycle, trampoline, playing with other students, music, kitchen work and feeding the chickens and goats.

He has the potential to turn the practical skills he is learning at SSLC into a paying job in future.

Justine sponsor.jpg

Imran has mild cerebral palsy with no speech. His mother heard about the school from another students grandmother.

He is an active boy. When he came to SSLC for assessment, he happily joined the other students and did not want to go home. His mother said he tries to do all sorts of duties at home.

He is one of SSLC’s newest student’s and he is adjusting very well. He is a very social boy, and is very good at communicating despite his struggle with speech. He loves practicing reading and writing, and is a very humorous student.

Imran sponsorship.jpg

Glory was brought to SSLC by both her parents after a board member recommended the school for her. She has autism. She is non-verbal at the moment, but we have seen leaps and bounds of progress in her communication and speech in the short time she has been with us. She uttered her first Kiswahili word “toka” and recently started singing "good morning to you!" She is very intelligent and enjoys arts and crafts.

Glory sponsorship.jpg

Nasra has one sided cerebral palsy that left her with poor muscle control and no speech. She struggles with coordination and opening or closing her mouth.

She is a very joyful student and is rarely seen not smiling. She loves school and all the people there. She enjoys dancing, music and playing on the playground. She knows her limits and is not afraid to ask for help when she needs it.

Her family found out about SSLC through one of the staff members and is very happy to see her in an environment where she is thriving.

Nasra Sponsorship.jpg

Godfrey has a slow processing speed. He tends to take a long time to understand what is being said to him or what is happening around him.

He loves to help out where he can especially around the school yard. He enjoys riding the tricycle and joking around with the other students. With one-on-one help, he is focused and works hard in class.

His favourite times of the day are tea and lunch.

He hopes to become a driver in the future.

Godfrey sponsorship.jpg

Salma has no speech but is always happy and smiling.

She is very curious and enjoys exploring her environment.

She loves music and songs.

She also loves playing with her friends at school.  

Salma sponsorship.jpg

Agaeli is a pleasant, somewhat shy Maasai teenager. He has Down’s Syndrome (Trisomy 21). He is from a nearby village, and is a neighbor to another student. Some days they walk to and from school together.

He is putting in effort to improve his personal hygiene, communication skills and a few behavior challenges. He enjoys music, dancing, gardening and looking after the chickens and goats.

He is now employed to do practical jobs at SSLC under our newly launched Adult Program and is generating a small income for himself and his widowed Mum. 

Agaeli sponsporship 2.jpg


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William Sponsorship.jpg


Ibrahim loves listening to music, can follow simple instructions and organize his toys.


Ismail is able to follow simple instructions, hold a spoon by himself, and since joining the school has started saying a few words. He can even surprise you with a big smile!


Isihaka is able to repeat simple words, recall numbers 1 to 10, and turn on the TV and phone by himself. He is also showing signs of improvement in terms of focusing on tasks and staying calm.

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