Cash Donations

At SSLC, cash donations of any amount are always appreciated and welcome.  You can donate a gift of any amount using this link:

Donations in Kind

Below are the ways you can make donations-in-kind to SSLC:

  • Sponsorships for students for tuition fees and or transport.

  • Development of Income Generating Projects (IGPs) to provide employment for the adult students: Beadwork; recycling paper, sawdust and charcoal dust to make firebricks; vegetable gardening and Livestock farming of milk cows, goats, fish, chicken and bees.

  • Epson printer, 3 in one.

  • Computers for students and staff

  • TV set for student lessons

  • Music system with DVD, USB and Bluetooth player for music lessons

  • External Drive for backup of data

  • Camera for documentation

  • File Cupboard for storage

  • Electricity plus installation

  • Clean water plus installation

  • Rain water harvesting system

  • Solar power system

  • Construction of Block 3 for the Adult Program; Therapy/Resource Unit; a School Shop with display of the IGP products and Administration.


For more information on how to donate in kind contact Mrs. Margaret Kenyi (Founder and Executive Director, SSLC)

Phone: +255 754 090 078


Charitable Purchase

The proceeds of the below paintings which were donated by Kwee King will bless the children of SSLC.


For more information on how you can make a charitable purchase, please contact the artist at