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How to donate

At SSLC, donations of any amount are always appreciated and welcome. Accessible Hope International (AHI) is SSLC's US-based fiscal sponsor. All US donors will receive a tax deductible receipt from AHI for donations through this page.

Donations can also be made via bank transfer directly to the SSLC bank account (USD):

Bank details: KCB Bank Tanzania Ltd. (Arusha Branch)​

Beneficiary Name: Step by Step Learning Centre, SSLC​

Account Number: 3391266074 ​

International SWIFT Code: KCBLTZTZ

Donations in Kind

Below are the ways you can make donations-in-kind to SSLC:

  • Sponsorships for students for tuition fees and or transport.

  • Development of Income Generating Projects (IGPs) to provide employment for the adult students: Beadwork; recycling paper, sawdust and charcoal dust to make firebricks; vegetable gardening and Livestock farming of milk cows, goats, fish, chicken and bees.

  • Epson printer, 3 in one.

  • Computers for students and staff

  • TV set for student lessons

  • Construction of severe students' housing unit

  • External Drive for backup of data

  • Camera for documentation

  • File Cupboard for storage

  • Electricity plus installation

  • Clean water plus installation

  • Rain water harvesting system

  • Solar power system

  • Construction of Block 3 for the Adult Program; Therapy/Resource Unit; a School Shop with display of the IGP products and Administration.


For more information on how to donate in kind contact Mrs. Margaret Kenyi (Founder and Executive Director, SSLC)

Phone: +255 754 090 078


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