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Step by Step Learning Centre (SSLC) serves over 30 students with various disabilities, ranging from autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome and other learning and physical difficulties. We provide high quality special education for these students in all stages of their development.

Our mission is to promote the physical, intellectual, psychological, and social development of each child through a wholistic educational provision in an inclusive, empathetic, respectful, and stimulating environment. We use child-centered learning methods to encourage all the children, including those experiencing learning challenges, to reach their maximum potential. We recommend and use state-of-the art interventions to facilitate learning and appropriative development for each child.


Our vision is reflected in our logo. The rose that grew from concrete symbolizes special needs children who are sometimes seen by society as incapable and often have difficult backgrounds. This tough foundation is represented by the crack in the concrete as opposed to fertile soil. Yet, with family support and the nurturing care SSLC strives to provide, we believe these children can conquer their hardships and grow into something beautiful.

On April 2022 SSLC was proud to once again celebrate the International Day for Autism Awareness and participate in a march with allies and supporters from all over Tanzania. See all the wonderful videos from this year below!

"Today is International Day for Autism. We marched from Clocktower to Nyerere Declaration Museum! Unbelievable, over 300 special needs students now attend school. There is even a Kiswahili word for Autism (Usonji). We have come a long way!"

~ Margaret Kenyi, Founder/Director SSLC

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