• On April 6th 2019 SSLC was proud to once again celebrate the International Day for Autism Awareness and participate in a march with allies and supporters from all over Tanzania. See all the wonderful photos from this year below!

"Today is International Day for Autism. We marched from Clocktower to Nyerere Declaration Museum! Unbelievable, over 300 special needs students now attend school. There is even a Kiswahili word for Autism (Usonji). We have come a long way!" ~Margaret Kenyi, Founder/Director SSLC

  • We have expanded our Livestock Projects. We now have 24 goats and our chickens have produced a record 450 eggs! Check out all the new and exciting developments in the video below.

  • Livestock Project Update: we now have a new and improved Fish pond and 70 chickens!

  • Check out the video below to learn about SSLC's job training program and Livestock Projects. As both expand, our students' potential for income generation simultaneously grows! Our Livestock Projects also improve the nutrition of the students by adding eggs, milk and fish to their diet. In addition, caring for animals is great therapy for the students.

  • SSLC recently built 6 key hole gardens. They will be useful for our students to learn basic gardening and for growing and selling local produce. 

  • March 21st marked World Down Syndrome Day so we bought a cake and celebrated our two students with Down Syndrome! Check out the highlights.